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Are you ready for a change in Waynesville? PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD


GOP - Haywood County NC <goplocal@gmail.com>7:51 PM (1 hour ago) to secondhandlion96, bcc: me

Residents of Haywood County, Whether you live in the city limits and vote or live outside the city limits, we need your help.

A critical election for the Mayor and four Town Council positions are only days away. Election Day for these positions is Tuesday, November 7th, 2023. The current leadership has been taking Waynesville and Haywood County in a direction that may not align with your values and your idea of what our community should aspire to. This is Team Waynesville and the positions they are candidates for: Joey Reese - Mayor Peggy Hannah - Town Council Stephanie Sutton - Town Council Tre’ Franklin - Town Council Team Waynesville conducted a recent virtual Town Hall on October 16th at the Republican Party Headquarters in Waynesville. That meeting gave a clear picture of what vision and values the candidates ascribe to and what they would bring to their office. Attached is a link to the Town Hall meeting. (highlight then, ctrl + click) https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?extid=CL-UNK-UNK-UNK-AN_GK0T- GK1C&mibextid=Nif5oz&ref=watch_permalink&v=1470647543504159 Even just watching a portion of the meeting will most likely allow you to quickly determine if these candidates have values and ideas that align with yours. After watching the Town Hall meeting, and if you agree with Team Waynesville, then we urge you to help bring about a victory by backing the Team Waynesville candidates and voting them into office. We are asking for 4 easy action steps which can dramatically change the course of this election and bring our city back under the guidance of sensible and mature leadership.

1. Send this same town hall link to friends, family and co-workers and church members in the city limits and in the county who know you. Strongly encourage them to watch the meeting or at least 30 minutes of it. 2. Follow up with them and ask if they agree with and support Team Waynesville. If they respond yes, then ask them to send the same link to their friends, family, co-workers and church members in the city limits and in the county. And explain to them the need to follow up with their contacts and ask them to help in the same way. 3. Many people may not be able to vote; however, they will eventually be reaching someone that can. We need people to vote who have possibly never voted for town council and mayor. Help and encourage them to rescue our community from a path many other communities are already traveling down. 4. Finally, this message can be copied and texted or it can be emailed. Help make a difference for Waynesville and Haywood County. If you would like to help out in addition to what we are asking, please contact us at 828-246-9696. We welcome volunteers, so please visit the Republican Party Headquarters at 297 N. Haywood Street, Waynesville, NC. The office will be open from 11 am – 2 pm, Tuesday through Thursday. Thank You. God Bless you and God Bless Waynesville and Haywood County. -- The Haywood County Republican Party

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Bob Waters
Bob Waters

Pray that our Lord begins a revolution in our government, and let it begin here in Waynesville in the coming election.

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