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Are We Heading Into A Civil War

Not since the Civil War has it seemed that the evil threatening our nation's survival will end in their victory. Conflict between good and evil is ever present and is occurring right now in the United States. We are fighting forces determined to bring our Constitutional Republic to an end. In this fight you are either submissive, unwilling to stand for what is right, or you are courageous and willing to combat the evil assaulting our Republic and its citizens.

If we are to retain the freedoms and liberties of a Constitutional government, we must closely guard those freedoms against corrupt and power-hungry individuals who seek to end our God given rights. Individuals determined to usher in a Marxist-Communism form of governance, which is a form of autocratic government and is the worst form of governance in that it creates a centralized government with all power placed in the hands of one person.

Over the past few decades, the balance of power within our federal government as well as between the sovereign states and the federal government, has come under attack by people willing to ignore the Constitution and State’s power under our Constitution. We, as citizens of this great nation, must be willing to become involved with the political activities of our government to guard against the dangerous encroachment against our Constitutional form of government. We must be willing to sacrifice our time and talents to this end in honor of those who have given their lives or suffered horrendous injuries in time of war to protect our Republic.

Each one of us must be willing to stand courageously and persistently by our God given rights and the Constitution of the United States. If our Constitutional form of governance is to survive it must be maintained as written by the Founding Fathers or as modified by Amendments to the Constitution as allowed under Article V of the Constitution. It must always be important that those elected to represent the people, those within our judicial system, those within our executive branch, and “We the People” stand united to assure the perseverance of our unique form of government: for the people, by the people, and of the people.

The strength and power of our Nation does not rest upon the fact that we are a federation of States, but that we are a Union of States, based upon a Constitution devised by the people, adopted by the people, defended by the people, and preserved by the people. No objective is so important that we should ever sacrifice the very beauty of our system of government. It is critical for the survival of our Constitution that any attempt to destroy it must be quickly and sternly rebuked. Elected officials who through motives of cowardly expediency, weakness of moral or mental character, or for other reasons fail to stand courageously together with honor and integrity to protect our essential God given rights must be stopped and eliminated.

Today our Constitutional Republic is being seriously threatened by Anarchy, which is embraced by the wicked, malicious, and envious among our citizenry, and by their ignorance and perverted corruption. The threat to our Republic is to be found in weak or treacherous acts by our elected officials in misleading demands upon the citizens of our country, sometimes made under the pretense of reform, sometimes masquerading as justice. Therefore, the highest and most patriotic ambition each of us can consider is to seek to understand the fundamental principles of our Constitutional heritage and to defend and protect them. Defend them against those who would narrowly restrict our God given Constitutional rights and those who would destructively expand them.

Not since the civil war have we faced such a great force bound and determined to bring down our way of life, to divide and separate “We the People” in an effort to destroy our Constitution, and to marshal in a Marxist-Communist form of governing.

There is a path forward, but it requires us to look back to the framers who rightly insisted on preserving the prominent governing role of the state legislatures as a crucial mechanism to contain the power of the federal government. In fact, other than the limited, specified powers granted to the federal government, which are few, the states retain for themselves complete governing authority.

Article V of the Constitution expressly grants state legislators the authority to convene a Convention of States for the purpose of rebalancing and restoring our founding principles should the federal government shed its limitations, abandon its original purpose, and grow too powerful, as is now the case.

We desperately need to Convene a "Convention of States" to add Amendments to the Constitution to stop the Marxist-Communist movement from their determined path to destroying our Constitutional Republic. It is far past time that the legislators of every state recognize these threats to our freedoms by the federal government and call for the convening of a "Convention of States" to rein in our corrupt and out-of-control federal government. A Convention of States focused on the passage of three Amendments to our Constitution:” 1) Term Limits; 2) Fiscal Restraint and Balanced Budgets; and 3) Restricted Federal Jurisdiction and Overreach.

To sign our petition in support of a Convention of States and to learn more about Article V and what it means to convene a Convention of States, go to https://conventionofstates.com.

Please share with your contacts and visit my website at americaninsanity.org and signup as a subscriber and member.

Thank you!

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