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Antisemitic Protests Dissected

Has anyone taken the time to recognize those protesting in the streets in support of Hamus while blaming Israel for engaging in a war against those who have committed atrocities against them. A growing number of protesters are those which would be executed by Palestinian Islamists were they to reside in the Gaza Strip: Transgenders; gays; and queers, etc..

Do these intellectually brain-dead protesters even know the history of those they are supporting? Do they not know that if they were an American student in Gaza or the West Bank and made public their alternative sexual preferences they’d be shot or behead. That if they walked the streets of Gaza or the West Bank with purple hair and were trans with a ring in their nose they would be shot or beheaded. Can you imagine what would happen to these clowns if they went into the streets in protest shouting out that Hamas sucks? No need to imagine, they’d be shot or beheaded.

Mixed in those protest crowds are hundreds of individuals here in America on a student visa or green card. Why are they not studying or working in the Middle East? They’re here because their leaving corruption, poverty, tyranny, autocracy—and they’re going to where?

The U.S., where they can be secure, prosperous, and free. But once they have gained admission in our universities or employment with an American firm and arrive in America to begin their studies or employment, what are they cheering for? Those same tyrannical governments they left behind. It seems that the longer these anti-Israel, anti-American protesters are in college and the more worthless degrees they receive, the more they think they’re educated, and the more callous, vicious, and cruel they become.

Can anyone believe that the average American voter, after having witnessed the extent of the murderous depravity shown against Israelis and Americans in Hamus’ attack on Israel, that they want somebody from Gaza, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, or maybe even Egypt, coming to the United States on a green card and a visa.

Isn’t it strange on how when they arrive they are so thankful for the security and freedom this is available to them, that within months they’re out in the street spouting hatred for Jews and tearing down pictures of Jewish captives.

Global endowments for colleges and universities are in the range of $35, $50, and $60 billion. Maybe the problem is that there’s too much money for the Center for Palestinian Studies, or the Center for Diversity, Equity, Integration, at these colleges and universities.

Perhaps the federal government should not be involved with student loans but rather allow these well-funded endowments to back these student loans. Maybe then all these crazy and worthless majors would be dropped from the curriculum and courses of value can again be what students elect to study.

Perhaps it’s time that the financial and moral hazard of financing a student’s education would be where it always should be—with the university. As a further note, given that our colleges and universities are no longer nonpartisan but are rather centers of indoctrination, may we should be taxing their endowment income.

Universities are quick to point out that they are creating a highly intelligent, highly educated population, which is necessary for democracy. American taxpayers have learned, as a result of COVID, that the science being taught is ideologically warped. Universities are no longer creating scholars but rather anti-American activists. Faculty rating is below that of politicians and a majority of American citizens no longer believe that higher education is a necessity.

Universities have evolved into nothing more than Frankenstein laboratories creating Frankenstein monsters to be unleased upon the country. Monsters created through their admission policies, their curriculum, and their Marxist-Communist doctrine. That monster has come home to roost and is now devouring them.

BLM has posters of gliders glorifying mass death; Palestinian students and their fellow anti-American, anti-Israel supporters are protesting in the streets chanting of “from the river to the sea;” transgenders, gays, and queers are marching in solidarity for Hamus. Why, because they all feel that they’re exempt, because as victims they are expressing anger.

The U.S. has separated into oppressors/oppressed, victimizers/victims, and colonialist/subject. In that breakdown, Israel is now constructed as white, capitalist, successful, and Western. The Palestinians are the victims, non-white, poor, and exploited. There is no distinction.

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