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Americans are angry. A dwindling economy, high inflation, unsecure southern border, staggering rates of crime and rampant political corruption are plaguing America. The total lack of criminal justice against the wealthy and politically powerful are bringing Americans to a boiling point.

Human nature detests lack of control over their destiny. If control is not returned to the citizens, then American citizens will eventually find a way to achieve re-control of their destiny.

Using the pursuit of control as justification for vigilantism, America could well go down the same road as Brazil and Venezuela. Citizens of Brazil and Venezuela believe that “a good criminal is a dead criminal,” which is acceptable by those who have watched their friends and family ripped away by crime.

Two enduring problems undermine our political system: the immense influence of special interests’ groups in politics and partisan polarization and weaponization of federal legal agencies. These problems compound one another, creating a vicious cycle of distrust and dysfunction.

Deepening partisan divisions have distorted political and civic debate encouraging extremism. Weaknesses in our electoral system, such as partisan corruption, fraud, and disinformation by news medias, feed polarization by encouraging radically partisan positions which undermining a sense of common national identity.

Our Constitutional Republic is sick. We have dismantled the American Republic as established by our Founding Fathers and reconstructed it on a corrupt form of governance. We have abandoned the fundamental Judeo-Christian principles on which our Constitutional Republic was built upon. Our Nation’s situation is grave, the threats are formidable, and our hope of escape without some social upheaval is in question.

There are no easy answers. Justice plays a precarious part in the struggle and oppression of mistreated citizens. The problem is that poor people become collateral damage of a failing system instilled by a corrupt elite. If our government does not change, we Americans will have no political power to hold politicians responsible. What comes of this predicament is a culture of riots, crime, and no trust in our judicial system to assure due process. When that becomes a norm, no one is safe. No one.

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