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OCTOBER 31, 2023

Senator Lindsey Graham found himself at the center of a heated exchange with a reporter over the silence of Democratic senators regarding their stance on recent events in Israel. Daniel Cohen, an Israel correspondent for Newsmax, asked a question that put Democratic senators visiting Israel on the spot. Cohen inquired whether any Democrats from the 10-member delegation wanted to respond to a tweet by Representative Rashida Tlaib in which she accused Israel of bombing a hospital in Gaza. Despite evidence that the hospital blast was caused by a rocket fired by Palestinian militants. Senator Graham interjected and told Cohen to stop his line of questioning, firmly urging him to stop. Nonetheless, Cohen continued to press the issue, which further agitated the situation. Senator Graham called for Cohen’s removal, demanding, “Get this guy out of here.”


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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Nov 04, 2023

Lady Graham is a vacuous bloviating UniParty war monger. Period.

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