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Updated: Dec 9, 2023

World War II brought America the “Greatest Generation” and in their footsteps we proudly followed. Today, America is living with the “Failed Generation.” A generation of the most spoiled, poorly educated, flawed young adults America has ever raised.

Today’s young adults would rather protest on our university campuses and on our streets than to show the moral character to study hard, work hard, and pursue the American dream as did their parents and grandparents before them. On the contrary, this “Failed Generation” expects the American dream to simply be handed to them as an entitlement and not as something that is hard earned.

We have failed this generation with a life made to easy, sparing them any real hardships, or teaching them any moral or Christian values. We have made excuses for them rather than teaching them to be accountable for their actions and deeds.

Today’s "Failed Generation" view terrorists who have murdered, beheaded, burned to death, raped, and tortured innocent human beings, not as the monsters they are but as oppressed heroes. They protest Israel’s right to self-defense, instead advocating for the destruction of the Jewish people and their Nation.

This “Failed Generation” riots in the streets of America, protesting actions made by our law enforcement officers as justification to loot, destroy, injure, and murder innocent people making themselves no better than those they purport to protest against.

And saddest of all, this “Fail Generation” is the very generation which will be raising our future.

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