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America In Crisis 

Our Constitutional rights are systematically and blatantly being stripped away. The sovereignty of our States has all but disappeared. We are being invaded through our southern border and face immanent terrorist attacks; government, big tech and social media are constantly attempting to strip away of our right to free speech; and our Marxist government is constantly attempting to take away our second Amendment rights.


The majority leader in the Senate is blatantly criticizing our closest middle east ally, Israel on the Senate floor. Anti-American/Jewish protester are spuing hatred on our college and university campus shouting death to Israel, death to America.

Drugs, murders, rioting, theft, and trafficking of young children and women is running ramped while the government sits ideally by doing nothing.


Enormous amounts of money (billions) are being spent on securing the borders and sovereignty of foreign countries while our borders stand wide-open allowing the invasion of America by illegal immigrants, many of whom are here to do harm to our citizens all the while receiving taxpayer funded benefits and monthly checks that exceed what our government is providing to our veterans, senior citizens, and our poor.


Our elected officials have embarrassed and weakened us. They have shown themselves to be power hungry, overreaching, corrupt, and totally incompetent to govern. Unwilling to follow the will of the people by doing the work we elected them to do. Far too many of them are clearly sociopaths caring nothing about their constituents, only their own selfish agendas.


It is far past time that we Convene a "Convention of States" as allowed by Article V of the Constitution; Article V states “The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, ….. 


A Convention of States to propose three Amendments: Term Limits; Fiscal Restraint/Balanced Budget; and Restricted Federal Jurisdiction. We must Convene a "Convention of States" before it's too late to save our Constitutional Republic. A "Convention of States" to impose these three restrictions to stop America-last Congressional members who are clearly Marxist-Communist from their consistent and determined path to destroy our Constitutional Republic.


North Carolina has yet to pass a Resolution calling for the convening of a Convention of State and the problem lies in the Senate. Just two Republican Senators who refuse to allow our Resolution to go to the Senate floor for an up or down vote is keeping North Carolina from becoming the 20th State to pass this Resolution: President Pro Tempore, Senator Phil Berger and the Chair of the Senate Rules and Operations Committee, Senator Bill Rabon. These two are the keys to getting our Resolution onto the Senate floor. Two Republican individuals who are refusing to do the will of the citizens of North Carolina.

We can change the minds of these two individuals if we have the will to make it happen. To do so requires that each of us step out of our comfort zone, stop standing on the sidelines watching our freedoms and liberties slip away and begin becoming engaged by making constant and repeated contact with our Senators and in particular Senator Berger and Rabon to demand that they bring our Resolution to the floor.


You can start becoming engaged by attending the Convention of States Action rally in Raleigh this coming May 15th to show our Senators that we stand united in our determination to see our Resolution passed.

We can save our Constitutional Republic, not if we THINK we can - but if we KNOW we can.

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Kristin Whitesides
Apr 26
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