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Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on unconstitutionally funded radical pork-barrel pet projects.  This bill is an insult to the American people. The spending bill which was signed by Biden contains more than 6,000 pork barrel earmarks detailed over 605 pages which include:


Ø  $1.8 million for a hospital in Rhode Island that performs abortions, including late-term abortions;


Ø  $475 million for an activist organization that has designed curriculum and materials for children ages 2 through 5 to ‘introduce the kids in our classroom to a wide variety of gender expressions;’


Ø  $400,000 for the largest LGBTQ advocacy organization in New Jersey;


Ø  $250,000 for the Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education Archives, named after former Ku Klux Klan chapter leader and senator;


Ø  $2 million to the University of Maine for the construction of a kelp and shellfish nursery;


Ø  $388,000 to Columbia University in New York, a private university with a $13.6 billion endowment;


Ø  $1 million granted to SAGE, an elderly LGBT+ advocacy group in New York for “cultural competency” training for medical staff;


Ø  $1.7 million to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital;


Ø  $1.5 million on New York to expand the gaming industry;


Ø  $1.7 million for wind energy workforce education and training in New York;


Ø  $250 thousand for the Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education Archives in West Virginia


Ø  $1/5 million for economic and business development training for lobstering in Maine;

Ø  $249 thousand for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra;


Ø  $85 thousand to a public school district in Connecticut to increase school attendance;


Ø  $1.1 million for a food incubator project in Delaware;


Ø  $1 million granted to SAGE, an elderly LGBTQ+ advocacy group in New York, for “cultural competency” training for medical staff;


Ø  $150 thousand to CitySeed, Inc., in Connecticut for a culinary training program.

Ø  $250 thousand for Tech2Market in Delaware, a program aiding early-stage clean energy startups;


Ø  $350 thousand for the Harlem Arts Alliance in New York;


Ø  $1.7 million to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital


Ø  $500 thousand to the San Diego Zoo for a student biodiversity corps program;

Ø  $1 million for the Cambridge Massachusetts Community Center to install solar panels so they can operate “off the grid”;


Ø  $4 million for a waterfront walkway in New Jersey


Ø  $3.5 million for Detroit’s Thanksgiving Parade float maker’s new headquarters


Ø  $1.75 million for the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) in New York City


Ø  $1 million for an environmental justice center in New York City


Ø  $500,000 for gardens in San Francisco


Ø  $1 million to a non-profit in Minnesota to build a coffee shop and a greenhouse for refugees


Ø  $1 million to help San Francisco organic dairy farmers


Ø  $500,000 for a “cybercrime vehicle” for the Honolulu police department


Ø  $1.2 million for bike path resurfacing in Rhode Island


Ø  $209,000 for HVAC replacement for the “Charles Town Opera House” in West Virginia


And the list goes on and on wasting more and more of our tax dollars.


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