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A Constitutional Republic’s Downfall

The U.S. Constitution is considered one of the most important and significant governing documents created in world history.

What were the Founding Fathers attempting to acfhieve when they created this unprcedent document? The answer rests in the Preamble to the Constitution. "We the people of the United States, in order to form a mor perfect Union."

“To form a more perfect union” is the first objective of the Constitution. This goal comes first in the Preamble because America is meant to be a shining star to every foreign government in the world.

For 200 plus years that is exactly what America was, a shining star in the world. A place were all citizens “are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Then with the advent of Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, things began to go seriously wrong with the worlds shining star. With the implementation of his “Great Society” the Democrat Party began to slowly shift to a socialist-communist party and thus began America’ downward spiral from the world’s shining star towards just another third world chaotic and corrupt country.

This shift followed the Marxist playbook move by move. Promoted by every former Democratic President, the Democrat party hierarchy, big tech, and Billionaires such as the Soros family. All remaining in the background, funding and promoting the election of officials at every level of government, all dedicated to forever fundamentally changing America into a Marxist-Communist Nation.

Bought off elected officials who had no problem destroying our Constitutional Republic and dedicated, not to representing We the People, but to promoting themselves and Marxist-Communist.

Elected officials who follow the dictates of these background Marxist, so long as they maintain their elitist status, power, and control, while getting rich through the peddling of their influence and passage of communist culture legislation.

Elected officials willing to slowly expand government benefits creating runaway spending, condemning citizens to the chains of government dependency, and the seizure of functions and responsibilities Constitutionally granted to the states.

Elected officials willing to cause, support, and turn a blind eye to chaos, criminal infestation of our cities and communities, the destruction of our small business, and the murdering, raping, and beating of our citizens.

Officials willingly to allow the elimination of our southern board resulting in millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country bringing with them deadly drugs, trafficking of women and children, dangerous criminals released from other countries, and terrorist determined to bring harm to our citizens.

All for personal gain without any remorse for what they have brought down upon the once shining star of the world.

This move to push the final stages of the transition of America to a Marxist-Communist Nation began with the fraudulent 2020 election of an extreme far-left President, mentally incapable of performing the duties of the Presidency, but willing to comply to every dictate of his background handlers.

Thus began the Marxist-communist governance of our once great and proud United States of America.

Please share with your contacts and visit my website at americaninsanity.org and signup as a subscriber and member.

Thank you!

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Kristin Whitesides
Kristin Whitesides
Oct 23, 2023

Our country is in a dismal situation. Our only hope is for people to wake up and see what’s truly happening. Only then, when awakened people unite against what’s being imposed upon us, can we begin to save our once great nation. God Help Us.

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