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The 2024 elections will be upon us sooner than we think. If we are to save our Constitutional Republic, our heritage and culture, and our Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers, then every potential Republican voter must commit to being a confirmed voter. It is critical that we overwhelm the Democrats at the voter box to offset any attempt they may make to illegally sway the outcome.

The Marxist Democrat Party seems to always be one step ahead of us and we cannot allow this to be the case for the 2024 elections. In order for the Republican Party to win we are asking, pleading with each one of you to get involved to assure that the Marxist Democrats do not win leaving us without our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights to free speech, freedom of religious practice, freedom to be safe and secure, and our constitutional right to own and bear arms.

Make no mistake, if Republicans fail to set aside our internal differences and opinions regarding our candidate, and support and vote for the individual selected to be the Republican candidate, then our two-party system and our constitutional rights will end in 2024.

Locate Your Local County GOP Office and Get Involved Now, Not Two or Three Months Before the Elections. That Will Be Too Late to Make a Desperately Needed Difference.

Every County GOP Headquarters in the Country Desperately Need Volunteers

For Haywood County, NC Republicans, We Need Volunteers and Support for Our GOP Election Campaigns, Activities, Initiatives and Events

Go To: https://haywood.nc.gop

For Informed About Republican Activities and Election Information.

Haywood County, NC GOP Holds Meetings Every

Second Thursday of the Month At 6:30pm At Their

Headquarters Office Located At

297 N. Haywood St, Waynesville, NC

Meetings Are Open to the Public and Present Both

Updates And Special Guests.

The GOP Headquarters is open every Tuesday and Thursday

from 11:00am to 2:00pm to provide assistance and answer questions.

Office will be closed week of Thanksgiving and Christmas

Telephone: 828-246-9696


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