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Link to interview with political talk show host Ric Bratton host of "This Week in America" on February 29th, 2024






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LeRoy Cossette Highlights Perils of Political Apathy in New Book

People’s engagement with the government is a prerequisite to the future everyone deserves.


If the majority of the citizens of a country, which are vital for the existence and functioning of a democratic government, decided not to participate in the affairs of the government, surely this nonparticipation would lead to the collapse of the government.


LeRoy Cossette, a Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran, compiled in his book “American Insanity” years' worth of his personal reflections and observations about the American political system while he was working closely with members of Congress and White House staff in Washington. Here, he writes his opinion and experiences about how the Washington politicians and bureaucracy have ceased to represent the people and have become self-serving to their own interests instead.


In his book, Cossette not only walks readers through the critical issues at play in the Nation, but also presents solutions which can save the Constitutional Republic, the heritage, and the culture. One of the major problems of the country today is the civic apathy—the reluctance of people to participate in the governance processes—of the citizens. This situation poses a threat to democracy and with the other problems considered, rapidly propels the constitutional republic to suicide as a sovereign nation.


An excerpt from his book provokes a thought or two: “Have we become so morally weak in mind and spirit that God has given up on our once truly Judeo-Christian nation or is God merely testing our faith in him and our Constitutional Republic? Will the faithful find the strength to endure and banish the evil that is Marxist-Communism, or will we suffer the same demise of so many other promising nations throughout history and fall into the clutches of the evil that is Marxist-Communism?”


In this timely piece, Cossette challenges the readers to think for themselves and to think critically as well. While each individual’s voice can travel only so far, the collective voice has enormous resonance.


“American Insanity” is available on Amazon and other major online bookstore retailers, or at bookstores nearby. Buy a copy today!


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Marine Corps Veteran and Former VA Health Care Administrator LeRoy Cossette Set to Exhibit Stern Critique of American Politics at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2024.

The L.A. Times Festival of Books is regarded as an opportunity for authors from various political backgrounds to present their published critiques of America’s current state of affairs. Among these authors is LeRoy E. Cossette, a former health care administrator with the Department of Veterans Affairs who himself is a Marine Corps combat veteran. This year, he’ll be exhibiting his book “American Insanity,” a harsh critique of the present U.S. government, regardless of party.

San Diego, CA – WEBWIRE – Tuesday, March 19, 2024

“What’s the definition of insanity? An elected government turning against the people it’s supposed to serve.”

For some authors, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is not just an event for showcasing exciting novels and poetry collections. There are also plenty of independent thought leaders who see it as an opportunity to champion certain views and exercise their right to free speech by exhibiting their works.

Such is the case of LeRoy E. Cossette, a Marine Corps combat veteran as well as a former healthcare administrator who served the VA headquarters in Washington for 11 years. He is a fervent political activist who has even worked directly with members of Congress and the White House staff.

Despite this, he sees things have only turned for the worse in the political arena, and he airs much of his grievances in a recently published book titled “American Insanity.”  “American Insanity” identifies over a dozen political causes for America’s present woes as Cossette sees them.

Among these is the increasing autocracy of Washington while other elected officials in cities and states refuse to hold the White House to account. Likewise, he laments the increasing apathy of the average American citizen and the growing number of those who don’t even wish to exercise their right to vote.

Cossette strongly identifies with those who still hold that America should always remain a constitutional republic that protects Judeo-Christian values as opposed to what he has seen it become in the last decade.

For those curious to learn more about LeRoy E. Cossette’s politics, they can read “American Insanity” for themselves at the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet’s exhibit at the 2024 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

The literary festival will take place on April 20-21, 2024, at the University of Southern California campus in Los Angeles, CA.

Get a copy on Amazon, BookBaby, or Barnes & Noble,. Cossette also runs his own website at https://www.americaninsanity.org/.     “American

 Title: “American Insanity -

Author: LeRoy E. Cossette

Published date: January 11, 2024

Publisher: Bookbaby Genre:

Political Author Bio: Marine Corps combat veteran; Health Care Administrator with Department of Veterans Affairs serving last 11 years at VA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., first as Chief of Policies and Operations, then as Director of Headquarters Veterans Health Administration, working with members of Congress and White House staff regarding Veterans issues. Political activist, volunteer as District Captain and Content Writer for Convention of States Action movement, and writer of political Op-Eds for news outlets.

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