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"American Insanity" Chapter Summary

Chapter 1:  Where Am I? –


Chapter 1 asks the questions on the minds of the vast majority of American citizens - “Where Am I.” The author poses the questions which demonstrate that we are no longer in the United States of America of his youth nor in the Nation as envisioned by our founding fathers. Chapter 1 asks all the questions regarding the ills, evil, and corruption which have befallen our once great and proud Nation. Questions which are addressed in the chapters which follow. 


Chapter 2:  Political Conversion –


Chapter 2 takes the reader back to the mid-1960’s addressing the political decisions made by the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration regarding the Vietnam War and his “Great New Deal” which propelled America towards socialism. It describes the author’s and his families deep political allegiance to the Democrat Party up to that point, at which time he determined that the Democrat Party was heading to a place which would no longer represent his beliefs and values which led to his conversion to that of a Constitutional Conservative aligned with the Republican Party.


Chapter 3:  Constitutional Republic –


This chapter addresses how our federally funded school system has turned from an institution of learning to an institution of indoctrination. It addresses how the Department of Education is failing our children by failing to prepare them for success in a competitive world, choosing rather to indoctrinate them in Critical Race Theory (CRT), sexual alternatives, and other woke ideologies. Failing to teach our children about our form of government, how it works, and what the Constitution actually says and the effect that the loss of any one of these Articles or Amendments will have on our citizens. This chapter further includes the Constitution and affixed Amendments in its entirety.

Chapter 4: Incompetent Federal Government –


This chapter addresses the extent to which our federal government is broken, corrupt, incompetent, inefficient, ineffective, costly, and being weaponized against the citizens it was created to serve. This chapter is broken down into sections addressing those departments and agencies that have the greatest impact on our citizens and how they have denigrated and ignored the Constitution of the United States. It goes on to educate the reader on the federal government’s role according to the Constitution and how that government has long since overreached its Constitutional authority in order to gain power and control over the sovereign states and the citizens therein.

Chapter 5:  Democrat Party –


Chapter 5 addresses how the Democrat Party of John F. Kennedy has steadily morphed into a Marxist-Socialist Party. It addresses the actions and changes in philosophy and ideologies which the Democrat Party has taken leaving behind their once staunch support of the Constitution as written and envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Chapter 5 further addresses the various woke ideologies which are now causing harm to our citizens and destruction of our corporations.

Chapter 6:  Republican Party –


This chapter discusses the Republican Party’s official written platform which is generally based on American conservatism and how the members of the Republican Party have failed to follow their own platform. It reflects on how and why the Republican Party has become infected with the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) virus leading the Party, not to be in opposition to the Democrat Party’s consistent attempts to pass legislation leading our Nation to socialism but rather supporting the Democratic Party’s destructive legislation thus leaving our Nation with a uniparty rather than a two-party political system.

Chapter 7: Donald J. Trump –

This chapter addresses the rise of Donald J. Trump as the leader of the greatest grassroot movement in American history. It goes on to address all the legal battles Trump has been confronted with since 2016 because of his popularity and attempts to bring the American envisioned by the Founding Fathers back to the citizens of this Nation. It addresses the politicalization and weaponization of the DOJ against him in an attempt to eliminate him as a viable 2024 presidential candidate.

Chapter 8: First Amendment – 


This chapter discusses how and why our federal government has been conspiring with Big Tech and the main street news medias to deny American citizens their right to free speech. It addresses how this conspiracy between the federal government and the various news medias is impacting American citizen’s ability to be fully informed and how news medias are failing to practice true journalism and holding out federal government accountable for their unconstitutional actions and overreach.


Chapter 9:  Harsh Political Realities – 


This chapter addresses the political realities that over fifty percent of our citizens don't even realize is occurring because they still believe we are a Nation still functioning under the constitution envisioned by our Founding Fathers. It goes into detail on how and why our Nation’s political nature no longer aligns with our Constitution and the realities our citizens must accept, understand, and unite to end these harsh realities which our Nation is now faced with and what must be done to correct course.

Chapter 10:  America’s Shift –


Chapter 10 discusses how for two hundred plus years our Constitutional Republic has made America the “shining star” of the world. A place were all citizens “are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” It outlines how America has shifted from being the “Shining Star” to a place where elected officials no longer represented the best interest of their constituents but rather their own selfish interests. A shift which is rapidly propelling our Constitutional Republic to a corrupt and oppressive Marxist-Communist Nation.


This chapter goes back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s socialist programs implemented in his “New Deal: and works forward to the present, addressing the steady movement of socialism in America.

Chapter 11:  Who Should Decide? –


This chapter addresses the extent to which the federal government has taken away our citizens’ right and ability to make our own decisions regarding what is best for us and our families. It covers such issues as the COVID epidemic which provided the federal government the excuse it needed to take away our rights to make our own decisions regarding our families and our quest to achieve the American Dream while dramatically increasing the federal governments control and power over the states and citizens therein.

Chapter 12:  American Frustration –


This chapter goes into the depth of frustration citizens are experiencing due to Congress' lack of willingness to do the work of the people, which is making life unpredictable and frustrating. It addresses the impact that Congress’ failure to function as intended is having on American lives, businesses, education, fiscal restraint, and jurisdictional restraint.

Chapter 13:  The Bidens – 


Chapter 13 delves into the alleged criminal acts that President Joe Biden and members of his family are being accused of and provides the evidence which Congressional Committees investigating these allegations have provided as of the writing of this book. It addresses the alleged sources of the bribe money the Bidens have received and who and how that money was received.

Chapter 14:  The Swamp: –


Having worked as a senior manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs for eleven plus years in Washington, D.C., the author elaborates on his experiences working with Congress and White House staff on veterans' issues. He discuss the fact that it is no longer Congress who governs the United States but rather unelected Washington Bureaucrats through regulations and why this is so. Regulations which carry the same weight as any law passed by Congress and do so without any oversight whatsoever.

Chapter 15:  Globalism –


This chapter explains what globalism is, how and who is pushing the United States towards globalism and what this would mean to the United States and our citizens. It discusses what Constitutional rights would be lost under a globalist governing system and the impact on the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy under a Constitutional Republic form of governance.

Chapter 16:  Marxist - Communism –


This chapter defines how these two forms of governing work and how they compare to a capitalist Constitutional Republic. It addresses the life American citizens would be subjected too under these forms of governing and further discusses how the Democrat Party has evolved into a Marxist Party and the Republican Party's failure to push back against their socialist ideology. 


Chapter 17:  Bankrupting America –


This chapter discusses the extent of our debt, how we got here, why we are at the point of bankruptcy, and what this means to the average American household. It addresses the depth of foreign influence this debt is having on America and the foreign nations to which America is indebted too. It further speaks to the danger this enormous debt has on our national security.

Chapter 18:  Insurrection That Wasn’t –


This chapter goes over what happened on January 6th, 2021, and what charges were actually brought against those who not only entered the Capitol building, but those who merely stood outside observing what was occurring. It addresses the extent to which our legal system went after American citizens over this so called “Insurrection” given that no one has ever been charged with Insurrection as of the writing of this book. Address a legal system that hunts down and prosecutes individuals who did no harm and destroyed no property while radical left-wing rioters who maliciously destroyed property and lives roam our streets without being held accountable.


Chapter 19:  Social Insanity –


This chapter addresses the absolute insanity being demonstrated daily through the murdering of our young on the streets of our cities, the radical protests, riots, hateful actions, drug overdoses, homelessness, and smash and grab crimes being committed by young adults. How and why wokism has overtaken all of our Nation’s institutions and rendered them ineffective and dysfunctional.

Chapter 20:  Chinese Dominance –


This chapter covers the extent to which China has infiltrated every aspect of American institutions and every aspect of our daily life with the intent of taking control of the United States from within. It discusses how and what must be done to assure the survival of the United States and how American must depend on people waking up to the Chinese Communist Party’s relentless literal and cognitive takeover of our country. It covers the crucial historical moment America now faces as a result of the Chinese threat to our government. It provides the means by which the United States can starve this red dragon death.


Chapter 21:  Is America A Failed Experiment? –


Our Founding Fathers knew that what they were creating was an extremely fragile experiment in the way people would be governed: Of the People, By the People, and for the People. This chapter puts to question whether this experiment, as envisioned by our Found Fathers, has or is failing? Chapter 21 provides examples of what is occurring within America that puts this question into play.



Chapter 22:  Election Integrity –


This chapter addresses how every American citizen can and must get involved in Election Integrity. It provides examples of election tampering, fraud, and abuse. Means by which every citizen can and must become involved is provided to the reader.

Chapter 23:  Convention of States –


This chapter addresses Article V of the Constitution which provides “We the People” a mechanism for circumventing an out-of-control federal government and taking measures to constitutionally rein-in such a government. Why the convening of a Convention of States is desperately needed, how it works, and why it is safe and will not destroy nor eliminate the existing Const

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