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Hey There

I am first and foremost a Constitutional Conservative and the author of "American Insanity" which was released for sale on January 11th, 2024.

This website and my book "American Insanity" addresses how Washington politicians and the federal bureaucracy have ceased to represent the people and now represent their own selfish interests.


Both this website and my book speaks to how elected officials begin serving with honorable intentions but are soon consumed by greed for wealth and power and how this greed is destroying the heritage, culture and the very fabric of our constitutional republic;

How "We the People" have become so apathetic towards the governing of our Nationl; and,


How the government and citizens who refrain from becoming engaged to hold elected officials accountable are rapidly propelling our constitutional republic to suicide as a sovereign Nation.


This website and my book "American Insanity" presents not only the critical issues at play in our Nation but presents the only solutions which can save our Constitutional Republic, our heritage, and our culture.

This website and my book "American Insanity" addresses the insanity that we the American citizens are now living through while the "Last Vestige of Hope for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness," rapidly transforms from a Constitutional Republic into a Marxist-Communist Nation.


This website and my book addresses a failed two-party political system that no longer supports and protects our Judeo-Christian values upon which the United States was founded. Parties which have lost their moral compass, strength, and courage to protect our Constitutional Republic and the citizens therein.


All About Me

I am a Marine Corps Vietnam combat veteran. I served as Health Care Administrator with the Department of Veterans Affairs for thirty-two years.


I spent the last eleven years at VA Headquarters in Washington, eight years as Chief of Policy and Operations and the last two years as Acting Director of Headquarters Health Administrative Service. During the eleven years in Washington, I worked closely with members of Congress and White House staff regarding Veterans issues.


I served two two-year terms as a township Counselman in Tennessee. Following my retirement from the Department of Veterans Affairs, volunteered as a fire fighter and EMT for nine years followed by co-owner of a private business.


I am currently active with the GOP and a District Captain and Content Writer for the Convention of States Action movement. I am also a political activist and writer of political Op-eds for news media.

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